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You'll Never Walk Alone
Go, Reds!
13th-Apr-2012 02:51 pm
Johan Cruyff is among the names being targeted by Liverpool after Damien Comolli's departure as director of football, BBC Sport understands.

via BBC
13th-Apr-2012 11:03 am (UTC)
Пол Томкинс уже упоминал Круйфа вчера.

Interestingly, Henry did mention Johan Cruyff’s name to me as a leading football thinker he was aware of, and, of course, the Dutch legend has just resigned from the Ajax board (even though he still advises them).

After all, Cruyff was responsible for Barcelona’s tactical blueprint. But I’d still be very surprised if, despite these coincidences, he was brought to the club in any capacity. It’s probably crying out more for the level-headedness of Dein than the explosive nature of Cruyff. (Although Liverpool would be the best team in the world in the staff over-60s five-a-side tournaments!)
13th-Apr-2012 01:12 pm (UTC)
Подписан типа? 8) Я только твиттер его читаю.
Вооще он и про Комолли напророчил неделю назад.
Интересный момент они конечно выбрали.
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